Ethical issues in Psychological Research

                             Ethical Issues in Psychological Research

Ethics states the correct rules of conduct necessary when carrying out research. Some of the ethical issues that researcher needs to follow are:

1. Deception: It is temporary withholding of information about a study from participants. The researcher should neglect misleading subjects about the nature of the research unless there is no substitute-and even then this would need to be judged, acceptable by an independent expert.

2. Informed Consent: A principle requiring that research participants be provided with information about all events and procedures a study will involve before they agree to participate in it.

Participating must be given information relating to:

Participation of subject is voluntary and that refusal to participate will not result in any consequences or any loss of benefits that the person is otherwise entitled to receive.

Purpose of the research

Procedures involved in the research

Duration of time the subject is expected to participate

3. Debriefing: Providing research participants with full information about all aspects of a study after they have participated in it. The objective of the debriefing is to eradicate any misconceptions and anxieties that the participants have about the research and to leave them with a sense of dignity, knowledge, and a perception of time not wasted.

4. Research with animals: Researcher should make sure no animals are hurt or killed while conducting any sort of research.

5. Confidentiality: Participants, and the data gained from them must be kept hidden unless they give their full consent. Names will be kept confidential.

6. Protection of participants: Researcher must ensure that those taking part in research will not be caused distress. They must be protected from physical and mental harm. This means we must not embarrass, frighten, offend or harm participants.

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